Medical Innovations Pathway

The MIP pathway lets you take classes and gain real-world experience as you participate in required work-based learning and courses. At the end of the pathway, you receive a certificate and are guaranteed a job interview with all participating employers.

Take the class

Contact your CTE coordinator to determine if the medical innovations pathway (MIP) program is available in your school district. Next, you’ll want to decide which track interests you. The program offers two tracks to choose from, device manufacturing or laboratory. Your CTE coordinator will help you enroll in the required courses for your track. Check out the coursework you’ll need to earn your certificate:

Device Manufacturing Track
  • Manufacturing Principles 1
  • BioManufacturing 1


Laboratory Track

  • Biotechnology (a two-semester course)

Use the skills

Take the skills you’re learning in the classroom and see where they apply in a real work setting. Your CTE coordinator will connect you with our partnered employers to participate in a minimum of two industry experiences with different employers, where you can observe various professionals at work and discover future career opportunities while building your network.

Get the job

Now that you’ve explored your career options and completed your course requirements, you are on your way. Take your knowledge and experience researching our local life science companies and apply with any MIP employer. As a MIP graduate, you qualify for a guaranteed job interview. Check out our employer network below.

Explore your career path.

Why Earn The MIP Certificate?

  • Earn the MIP certificate, and you are guaranteed a job interview with all participating employers.
  • Begin earning above-average starting wages and benefits in an entry-level position as a high school graduate.
  • Advance your career and skill up by earning stackable credentials that provide on and off-ramps to continued education.  
  • Further your career by taking advantage of your employer’s tuition reimbursement program while earning your degree and additional certifications debt-free. 
  • Need time to take a break? The MIP certificate and benefits never expire.

Find your region

  • Canyons School District
  • Davis School District
  • Granite School District
  • Jordan School District 
  • Tooele School District

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