Utah Schools

Utah Adopt-A-School is a resource to guide and match community partnerships for student learning success and increased access to opportunity. Businesses interested in adopting a Utah school can help remove barriers and provide tools and resources to meet student needs through volunteerism and service.

Schools, please tell us how we can best serve your students, and we’ll match you with a business whose interests align with your goals.

Opt-in Now

To join the Utah Adopt-A-School program, consider what resources your students and schools need and complete your needs assessment survey to help us match your school with a community partner.

The variety and range of student needs across Utah schools create a broad range of opportunities for business engagements. A school-designated liaison best drives partnerships to lead program efforts and foster community partnerships. Whether your school has one need or many needs, a program liaison is your next step.

Once matched, Talent Ready Utah will connect designated liaisons with new community partners and support meaningful, results-driven partnerships.

Ways to Engage

  • Ways to Engage
  • Achievement celebrations/incentives
  • Assistive learning devices for students with special needs
  • Career and college readiness
  • Career and technical education opportunities (i.e., internships)
  • Communications and job interview skills
  • Education and technology support
  • Education environment and classroom/lab design
  • Enrichment activities, including tutors, mentors, speaking/teaching
  • Field trips to companies
  • Financial contributions
  • Health and nutrition
  • Homework kits
  • In-class real-world projects and application of skills
  • Job shadowing/internships/work-based learning
  • Reading programs/library supplies
  • Beautification projects
  • STEM/STEAM classroom supplies
  • Computer equipment
  • Teacher support (i.e., technical skills training)
  • Volunteer substitute teaching
  • Land donations/contributions
  • Teacher scholarships and teacher appreciation contributions

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