Utah's Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Pathway

How it works

Take the class

Connect with your school’s CTE coordinator to find out which tracks are available in your school district.

To earn your Utah Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (UAEC) certificate, complete the required courses for your chosen track. Check out your course requirements below.

  • Architecture Design 1 (38010000041)
  • Architecture Design 2 (38010000042)
  • Architecture Design 3 (38010000043)
  • Interior Design 1
  • Interior Design 2
  • Interior Design 3
  • Construction Management 1 (40080000401)
  • Construction Management 2 (40080000402)
  • Construction Management 3 (40080000403)
  • Construction Trades Foundations (40080000035)
  • Electrician 1
  • Electrician 2
  • Construction Trades Foundations (40080000035)
  • Carpentry 1
  • Carpentry 2
  • Construction Trades Foundations (40080000035)
  • Plumbing 1
  • Plumbing 2

Use the skills

Take the skills you are learning and apply them in a real work setting as you participate in a 40 hour internship.

Your CTE Coordinator will connect you with one of our partnered employers to complete your required internship, providing you with an opportunity to explore your career options and gain hands-on experience.

Get the job

Now that you’ve explored your career options and completed your course requirements, you are on your way! As a UAP graduate, you’ve earned a guaranteed job interview. Take your skills, externship experience and UAP certificate and apply with any and all UAP employers. Check out our employer network!

Why Earn The UAEC Certificate?

The UAEC program provides you with a unique opportunity to get your foot in the door with hundreds of companies within the construction industry while still in high school. This pathway aligns you with industry professionals to participate in an internship giving you valuable work experience. Complete the course requirements for this pathway, and you’re guaranteed a job interview with all participating employers throughout the state. Earn stackable credentials as a high school student as part of this pathway and get a head start towards your degree or other certifications.


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  • Weber School District

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