AWS Education Programs

AWS Education Programs for Utah Schools

Understanding the Cloud Skills Gap in Utah

According to LinkedIn, cloud computing is the number one most in-demand hard skill for the last five years, and two AWS certifications appear on the top 10 list by Global Knowledge. Data from Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) identified 40,657 unique job postings in Utah requiring cloud computing skills in 2019, and more than 10% of those jobs specifically requested AWS skills. A select number of Utahns currently hold an AWS Certification, creating a significant skills gap for local employers interested in hiring technical talent to fill open roles.


A Collaborative Effort between AWS and Talent Ready Utah

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Talent Ready Utah have agreed to collaborate to bring AWS cloud training and certification resources to Utah students.

Students who complete AWS courses and achieve AWS certifications are prepared to compete for highly in-demand entry-level cloud jobs right here in Utah.

Talent Ready Utah works with K-12 career and technical education schools, higher education technology colleges, community colleges, and universities in the state to secure their participation in one of two official AWS education programs.

The AWS Academy Program

Available to higher education schools only

The AWS Academy provides higher education institutions with a no-cost, ready-to-teach, cloud computing curriculum that prepares students for foundational and more advanced industry-recognized AWS certifications.

Educators at participating institutions receive virtual instructor training taught by AWS experts and access to a limited number of AWS certification exams at no cost to become AWS Academy accredited educators.

Students can also access self-paced online training courses and labs directly from AWS. Educators and students in this program also receive discounts on AWS certification exams.

The AWS Educate Program

Available to K-12 CTE schools and higher education schools

Students and educators in K-12 and higher education have access to the AWS Educate program, Amazon’s global initiative to provide schools with no-cost resources and support to customize or create certificate or degree programs for building skills that align to careers in cloud computing.

Under this program, Utah’s K-12 career and technical education schools have access to a customizable curriculum designed specifically for K-12 students to prepare them to complete the AWS foundational cloud computing certification.

Utah K-12 career and technical education sites may also access AWS Educate for foundational-level content focused on real-world, applied learning experiences in fields such as voice recognition, gaming, artificial intelligence, and more.

We look forward to implementing these important in-demand AWS education programs in our K-12 CTE and higher education schools statewide.