Requests for Proposals


For the upcoming 2024 fiscal year, the Utah Legislature appropriated $4.5M in ongoing funding to the Healthcare Targeted Workforce Development and Computer Science Targeted Workforce Development initiatives to develop new programs and expand existing programs in targeted occupations that show regional demand.

Proposal Submission Deadline: June 29, 2023

The Deep Technology Talent Initiative, Board policy R430, provides funding for expanded programs in deep technology. The goal of the Deep Technology Talent Initiative is to facilitate collaborations that create expanded, multidisciplinary programs or stackable credential programs in both undergraduate and graduate studies that prepare students to be workforce participants in jobs requiring deep technology skills.

Applications due: September 1, 2023

The purpose of the fund is to develop short-term pre-employment training and short-term early employment training for student and workforce participants that meet the needs of businesses that are creating jobs and economic growth in the state.

Applications due quarterly: July 1, October 1, April 1 

The purpose of this fund is to support business entities in developing a new Return To Work program or expanding an existing Return To Work program, offering opportunities for adults looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence.

Applications due quarterly: July 1, October 1, April 1

As part of the $4.5M ongoing funds for Targeted Workforce Development – Healthcare appropriated by the Legislature, $800,000 of funding has been allotted to create a Behavioral Health certification program that includes learning objectives identified by industry, is offered as a less than one year certificate, and offers simulated clinical components that align with a Scope of Practice.

Proposal Submission Deadline: July 27, 2023